Topic: Preventive Care

Laura Travin

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Volunteers Attract Large Crowds at Anti-Pandemic Kit Event

As volunteers set up their booth in front of The Tzu Chi Alhambra Medical Center in Southern California, a slew of visitors showed up to collect pandemic-prevention safety supplies. Some attendants had heard about the event through the media, others were leaving their appointments at the clinic, and several were just passing by the event and became curious. Volunteers met people who were in need of supplies for different reasons, but their goal was the same: to protect themselves and those they love from contracting COVID-19.

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Celebrating Vegetarianism at the Bakersfield’s Medical Outreach

While several states have raised the alarm on the spread of the new coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, Tzu Chi USA has been educating service users, volunteers, and staff on the importance of taking precautions and is canceling or postponing planned activities. Yet, while risk was still considered relatively low in the United States in February, the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation hosted a medical outreach in Bakersfield, CA, on February 23rd.

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From West to East – A Fleet on Wheels to Serve

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, established in 1993 as a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) free clinic, is a community-based volunteer-driven organization committed to providing patient-centered medical care to communities in need locally and internationally.

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