Fresno Mobile Clinic

Tzu Chi USA’s Fresno Mobile Clinic provides free, patient-focused healthcare services to underserved communities in Fresno, California, and surrounding towns.

The city of Fresno is home to many agricultural workers and migrant families for whom treatment can be challenging to access. In addition to concerns regarding affordability, transportation and limited resources often compound matters, meaning individuals may either delay or forgo medical help. 

Our History

To better serve patients and reach further into communities, Tzu Chi USA’s Fresno Mobile Clinic is well-equipped with the supplies and tools required to provide quality medical, dental, and vision services.

This mobile care system allows medical volunteers to bring vision and dental services to community residents, and provides much-needed access to services that many communities in the Central Valley lack access to.

The Fresno mobile team offers various programs to meet patients’ needs. This includes specialized programs, large-scale events, and bi-weekly medical consultations. Recognizing that vision and dental services are in high demand due to treatment costs, programs such as Senior We Care, Smile4U, iCare20, Care4Highway99, and See2Succeed were implemented. Large-scale events, like Healthy Fresno and Our Migrant Families, offer patients multiple services all in one day at one location on a first come, first served basis. Tzu Chi USA’s Fresno Mobile Clinic also provides mammogram screenings and health education sessions in English and Spanish. The Fresno team believes it is crucial to provide greater access to healthcare services while also informing patients of preventative care practices to uplift their wellness and that of their loved ones.

Fresno Mobile timeline 2018

Alongside community partners and volunteers, Tzu Chi USA’s Fresno Mobile Clinic serves the community with heart. The diverse programs and events held by the Fresno team are made possible through grants, donations, and the time and efforts of both professional and nonprofessional volunteers.