About Our Health Centers

About Our Health Centers

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation operates three health centers in Los Angeles: Alhambra, South El Monte, and Wilmington. These centers offer uninsured individuals low-cost medical, acupuncture, dental, and vision services. In 2020, Tzu Chi’s health centers were certified as Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alikes, establishing a solid foundation for community health initiatives. The centers also offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program to ensure patients can access affordable medical care regardless of their financial situation. Tzu Chi’s health centers accept Medi-Cal patients, and choosing TCMF physicians as your primary care provider (PCP) enables us to deliver more comprehensive care across the board. 

Tzu Chi’s health centers provide four primary services: medical, acupuncture, dental, and vision. Medical services include geriatric medicine, preventive medicine, cholesterol management, weight management, physical exams, tuberculosis (TB) testing, immunizations, and nutrition consultations. The traditional Chinese medicine department utilizes acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, cupping, and tui-na to address various health issues. Dental services focus on family and preventive dentistry, creating a comfortable, safe, and patient-friendly environment. The dental department additionally offers various procedures, such as digital x-rays, ceramic fillings, crowns, non-surgical gum therapy, composite fillings, veneers, root canals, extractions, dentures, and teeth whitening. Vision professionals provide low-cost eye exams, check prescriptions, and perform vision screenings using optometric equipment and phoropters. Patients can also receive new prescription eyeglasses thanks to on-site optical grinding machines. By providing comprehensive medical care, dental services, and vision care, Tzu Chi’s health centers help patients achieve their wellness goals and live their lives to the fullest.

Healthy Community Workshops


We are dedicated to providing patient-centered, high-quality community health services to low-income individuals. Discover upcoming events.


I decided to give all the charity funds that I have saved up to Tzu Chi.
Peter Chen, Tzu Chi Volunteer Dentist
[The] Alhambra Clinic is based on Master Cheng Yen's concept of putting people first. We are not only treating the symptoms...we are treating people's hearts.
Dr. William Keh, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation CEO
It helps our patients become stronger, healthier. It helps people who come to the clinic identify themselves and learn to be more positive and have a different lifestyle.
Huiping Wang, Tzu Chi Volunteer

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