Keeping our doors open and keeping you, your family, and your colleagues safe – a letter from our CEO
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Tzu Chi Health Centers


We are dedicated to providing patient-centered, high-quality community health services to low-income individuals. Discover upcoming events.

Areas of Service

Our professional team is skilled and committed to providing the best care to treat your ailments. Through a holistic evaluation, we will customize your treatment and use acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping and tui-na to resolve your health issues. The use of acupuncture and herbal medicine has been shown to effectively treat many types of health problems such as various muscular or neurological pains, coughing and the common cold, allergies, paresis following a stroke, facial palsy, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological conditions, acnes, insomnia, anxiety and stress.
Conveniently located in Alhambra, South El Monte and Wilmington, Tzu Chi Medical is here for all your dental needs. With a focus on family and preventative dentistry, we are happy to help you achieve a beautiful smile in our comfortable, safe and friendly environment. We offer a wide array of procedures, including digital x-rays, ceramic fillings and crowns, non-surgical gum therapy, composite fillings, veneers, root canals, extractions, dentures, teeth whitening and more!
Unmet eye and vision care needs can significantly impair learning, job performance, employment opportunities and home safety. Tzu Chi vision professionals are dedicated to helping underserved patients and local residents reach their maximum potential by offering ongoing, low-cost vision care. We provide exam rooms, optometric equipment and phoropters to check prescriptions and screen for eye diseases. With optical grinding machines, patients can also receive new glasses.
Tzu Chi provides primary health care services to all people, especially underserved communities and vulnerable populations. We deliver quality medical care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, abdominal pain, diabetes and hypertension. Outpatient surgical procedures, women’s health services, geriatric medicine, preventive medicine, cholesterol control, weight management, physical exam, TB testing, immunizations and nutrition consultation are also provided. For most low-income and no-income patients, Tzu Chi is the only accessible and affordable medical care they receive.

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I decided to give all the charity funds that I have saved up to Tzu Chi.
Peter Chen, Tzu Chi Volunteer Dentist
[The] Alhambra Clinic is based on Master Cheng Yen's concept of putting people first. We are not only treating the symptoms...we are treating people's hearts.
Dr. William Keh, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation CEO
It helps our patients become stronger, healthier. It helps people who come to the clinic identify themselves and learn to be more positive and have a different lifestyle.
Huiping Wang, Tzu Chi Volunteer