Tzu Chi’s Wilmington Clinic Brings Healthy Minds and Bodies to Residents

Wilmington Health Center  |  January 11, 2019

For many residents in Wilmington, Calif., it was unusual to see the Tzu Chi Medical Clinic, as some wondered exactly what it was and what it cost. It was like that for Antonia Rodriguez who had lived in the neighborhood for 27 years. After walking by the clinic many times and thinking the clinic would not be within her means, she one day decided to check it out.

The first time l came here, I looked in, and the people—they looked different than me because I’m Hispanic. They are Chinese, and I never thought these people would help me a lot like now. And thank god they put this place in my neighborhood.

Due to a lot of issues at home, Antonia found she was always angry and her anxiety and stress levels were high. It was interfering with her relationships with her husband and her sons. She was looking for some help and had heard about acupuncture from a friend. So, when she came to Tzu Chi’s Wilmington clinic, she inquired about their acupuncture services.

Stress can take its toll on anyone causing them to feel afraid, anxious and down. Antonia needed the help of the Tzu Chi clinic’s services. She had come to the right place.

The Wilmington clinic provides acupuncture services as well as meditation classes for people who have a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s important through the classes that people can learn to help themselves through calming techniques. This benefits the residents emotionally and physically.

The reason we started a meditation class is because, through the process, we’re treating acupuncture patients. A lot of people actually come in with a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, so what they need is not only service for the body, but also for the spiritual part...We try to provide free classes just to benefit the community.

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Meditation has proved to have positive effects, and Antonia is proof that it has helped her, calling it “medicine for my soul.”

Antonia has come to regard the Tzu Chi clinic in her neighborhood as not only a place of comfort, care and healing, she also feels so welcome that she now volunteers as well by coming every Friday to help out where she is needed.

The Tzu Chi Wilmington Clinic helps patients not only with their physical healthcare but also mentally and spiritually. It has become a beautiful place as well as a place of positive change.

It helps our patients become stronger, healthier. It helps people who come to the clinic identify themselves and learn to be more positive and have a different lifestyle.

For Antonia, the clinic has helped her see things in a more positive light. Through the mediation classes offered, she has become a new person who is happy and at peace.

“I love it. I love it here,” she said.