Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic,

Southern California

*Appointments currently cannot be made through our mobile clinic offices. Please contact the local facilities shown on the map below to inquire about service availability.

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We designed it in a sense where we create a 'wow' experience for the patient. Every patient who comes into our mobile [clinic] can feel the 'wow' experience.
Steven Voon, Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic Executive Director
I wasn’t a real good student. I wasn’t real diligent. But I would always go to the guitar…It was like my sanctuary.
Marcos Loya, Los Angeles Resident
We used to use a beach chair as the dentist and patient chair. Now, we have a fully functioning clinic that's able to go to remote areas.
Steven Voon, Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic Executive Director

About Our Mobile Clinics

The Tzu Chi Medical Foundation’s mobile clinics bring more than 16 years of experience delivering free mobile vision, medical, dental and cancer screening services. Mobile units are fully staffed by volunteers and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to provide high-quality preventive and restorative dental care, eye examinations and prescription glasses, medical consultations, cancer screenings and health education services. Our routine mobile events also make follow-ups and regular check-ups possible. They specifically aim to offer quality care to the uninsured and underinsured, including those who are low-income, homeless, senior and migrant workers, as well as those we welcome on-site at schools, churches and allied health and human services agencies. We also partake in large-scale multi-day community events, including health fairs, and host our own medical outreaches across the country.

Embedded in all of our services is a focus on improving the overall health of local residents who face language and culture barriers through preventive health education, healthy nutrition and dietary advice, promoting physical exercise and adopting healthy lifestyles. We sponsor dialysis support groups, diabetes and chronic disease management programs, healthy lifestyle workshops, exercise classes, stress management classes and walking groups.

Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic, Southern California

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