Keeping our doors open and keeping you, your family, and your colleagues safe – a letter from our CEO
See how we’re helping hospitals and institutions nationwide combat COVID-19 and read stories from our relief efforts.


Mexico Outreach Brings Warmth in a Cold Winter

Tzu Chi USA volunteers have kept their promise since the 2017 Mexico earthquake. Volunteers and TIMA members from the United States provided their eighth medical outreach in Mexico from November 15th to 24th, 2019. During that time, the US team trained Mexican medical volunteers and recruited local professionals to join TIMA Mexico to provide health care for their communities.

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From West to East – A Fleet on Wheels to Serve

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, established in 1993 as a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) free clinic, is a community-based volunteer-driven organization committed to providing patient-centered medical care to communities in need locally and internationally.

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Tzu Chi Brings Vision Care to Las Vegas Medical Outreach

September 29, 2019, was a special day for the Las Vegas Tzu Chi Service Center for several reasons. Not only was it a day for dental outreach at the Salvation Army to benefit the homeless community in Las Vegas, but it was also the first-ever vision outreach to be conducted in Las Vegas by Tzu Chi.

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Dr. Phan Nguyen: The Dentist Who Heals with Compassion and Understanding

The weather was just beginning to become cooler in September of 2019. Gathered in the Las Vegas Salvation Army Activity Center was a line of people who are homeless in the area. It was a rare opportunity for them to get their teeth and eyes assessed and treated at no cost. For Tzu Chi volunteer doctors, a relieved smile after helping someone with their medical needs was more than enough payment. Over 100 patients were seen by the end of the day.

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