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A Better Meal, A Better Earth

COVID-19 has taken an excruciating toll. Yet, its origins have made a loud and clear wake-up call. The emergence of animal-borne pathogens, just like the new coronavirus, may be stemmed by a simple solution: transitioning to a vegetarian diet and reducing the need for meat.

Join the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation as our volunteers cook and deliver 10,000 vegetarian lunches to healthcare workers. Doing this, we’re ensuring those working to combat the pandemic stay nourished and energized while encouraging vegetarian eating at the same time.

A home-cooked meal is how so many of us show our love.

Join the Tzu Chi USA’s Very Veggie Movement, where you pledge to try a vegetarian diet and sign up to receive exclusive recipes and guided advice over the next 30 days. Take the Very Veggie pledge now!