Young Volunteer Lao Liyan: Passing the Spirit of Great Love

TIMA  |  April 2, 2019

Author & Translator: Hongjing (Echo) Yi
Editor: Anik Ghose

On March 29th, the 2019 TIMA Global Forum entered its second day. It was a warm and beautiful day at Tzu Chi USA’s National Headquarters in San Dimas.

Tzu Chi volunteer Lao Liyan (Lemon Lao) respectively presented flowers to TIMA CEO Dr. Lin Chin-Lon and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Superintendent Dr. Lin Shinn-Zong to express gratitude.

Since the beginning of her life, Liyan has had an indissoluble bond with Tzu Chi. Many years ago, her grandmother went to Taiwan from Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province to undergo a stem cell surgery at the Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital. Dr. Lin Shinn-Zong the president of the Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital provided Liyan’s grandmother with excellent medical services and personally operated on Liyan’s grandmother, saving her life. Liyan’s mother has also been to Taiwan for heart surgery. With active treatment by Dr. Lin Chin-Lon, Liyan’s mother regained her health.

Liyan’s family has remained deeply grateful to Tzu Chi. For years Liyan’s mother has devoted herself to Tzu Chi’s mission and spread the philosophy of their founder Master Cheng Yen to Liyan. One philosophy such as being kind and doing good.

When Liyan’s mother saw the TV news about the 2019 TIMA Global Forum held in California, she immediately called Liyan from China and asked to send flowers to Dr. Lin Chin-Lon and Dr. Lin Shinn-Zong for gratitude.

Liyan’s mother once gave Liyan a three-story building in Shaoxing city as dowry. Liyan always remembered her mother’s teachings and donated her future dowry to Tzu Chi Foundation as local Tzu Chi Clubhouse that officially came into use in August 2018. Liyan hopes it will drive the development of Tzu Chi’s mission and benefit her hometown crowd.

Liyan came to California from Shaoxing in 2014 and joined Tzu Chi USA as young volunteer. She is currently studying Child Development Program at Pasadena City College. She hopes to participate in education field and help children grow up healthily in the future.