Tzu Chi Medical Foundation to Mobilize Fourth Dental Mobile Clinic in Fresno, Calif.

Upholding Good Health in Fresno


Fresno, CA, March 4, 2019 – We are incredibly pleased to announce that, thanks to the selfless generosity and dedication of Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Community Benefit Programs, we have been granted the amount of $650,000.00 for the purpose of acquiring a new dental mobile clinic. This will be our fourth dental mobile clinic operating in Fresno, California, and the 10th for Tzu Chi Medical Foundation.  

Tzu Chi Medical Association’s (TIMA’s) free dental mobile clinics bring crucial services straight to communities that desperately need it, serving the disadvantaged, underserved and homeless throughout California. One of the most expensive health services in America is dental care. This results in people ignoring problems, living with pain, or worse, not treating dangerous infections. Tzu Chi’s clinics treat and repair dental problems, as well as educate patients on how to maintain proper dental to avoid future problems. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to further benefit the communities we serve through this aid.

Kaiser Permanente’s community involvement uniquely pairs grant funding with 65 years of clinical expertise, medical research and volunteerism to support prevention-focused, evidence-based programs that are expanding access to care and creating healthy environments. Kaiser Permanente recently awarded Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation a $650,000.00 grant that will help more people in this community get access to the resources they need to lead a healthy life. For more information about Kaiser Permanente’s work in the community, click here.