TIMA 2019 Global Forum Press Conference

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation  |  March 29, 2019

Author: Fangwen Huang
Translator: Pen-Chi Liu
Editor: Anik Ghose

2019 Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) Global Forum will be held at Tzu Chi USA Campus at San Dimas from March 29 through March 31. Tzu Chi USA held a press conference on March 28, 2019 at 10 AM to spread the word to the general public. The 2019 TIMA Global Forum is being held in the United States for the first time in its history. Hundreds of medical professionals from various medical fields will participate in this forum covering topics such as medicine, dental health, ophthalmology, climate change, integrative medicine, body donation and community health services, etc.

Tzu Chi USA CEO Han Huang began the press conference by talking first about the 2019 TIMA Global Forum, which is the first event to celebrate the Tzu Chi USA’s 30th Anniversary. Huang also presented the officers of various Tzu Chi Missions from Taiwan and regional directors around the United States, who will be promoting compassion and relief to raise funds for survivors of devastating Cyclone Idai that touched down and brought terrible destruction to the East African nations of Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar.

Powen Yen, CEO, of Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, is visiting Tzu Chi USA for the first time.  He expressed Master Cheng Yen’s blessings to all the U.S. volunteers. Mr. Yen has organized over 16,000 free health fairs through TIMA to provide health services to over 3 million people.

Yan Bowen, CEO of Taiwan Tzu Chi Charity Foundation

The first medical clinic in the U.S. began to operate on November 1, 1993.  This is the first organization providing free health services to the local residents.  It is greatly welcomed by the community. Dr. Chin-Lon Lin, M.D., F. A. C. C. Chief Convener of Tzu Chi International Medical Association, CEO of Tzu Chi Medical Foundation from Taiwan, talked about the early history of Tzu Chi Medical Mission in the U.S. with emotion.  He was one of the pioneers leading the project. Dr. Lin hopes that TIMA members will form deeper bonds through the personal interactions in the Forum, and invite others to join TIMA to help those in need.  Also Dr. Lin reminds everyone of the effects of the climate change and how vegetarianism can make a change. Dr. Lin especially appeals to hospitals to be environmentally conscious in order to slow down global warming.

Dr. William Keh, MD, CEO, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, briefly introduced the topics of this forum and the invited speakers. Dr. Keh especially shared the great impact made by the Tzu Chi Mobile Clinics.  Currently, there are seven mobile clinics stationed all over California and New York to provide health services to local communities. The goal is to expand to every states in the U.S. in order to provide services to more people.  Finally, he mentioned the great success of the project “See to Success” which provide eye glasses to school children.

Dr. Ka Kit Hui, MD, FACP, Director, UCLA Center for East-West Medicine is one of the speakers of this forum. He will be bring his research team to this forum to present his team’s research results over the past 26 years to the medical professionals all over the world.  Dr. Hui emphasized the importance of educating youth and elderly about preventive medicine. Finally he said: “TIMA’s operating model provided health services to countless people. Tzu Chi volunteers’ selfless great love is the main reason why I want to work with Tzu Chi.”

At the conclusion of the press conference, Mrs. Debra Boudreaux, the Deputy CEO of Tzu Chi USA, invited all officers of Tzu Chi missions to the stage with a bamboo bank, to raise funds for survivors of Cyclone Idai.  Everyone’s compassion to relief suffering must spread all over America.