Chasing A Dream With Familial Support

TIMA  |  March 31, 2019
Photo by: Peter Chu

Author: Peter Chu
Translator: Pen-Chi Liu
Editor: Anik Ghose

Jack Huang, Boston Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, participated in the 2019 Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) Global Forum with his mother, wife and 10 month-old son to learn about Holistic Health Care. Huang feels that taking care of his son and being a Tzu Chi volunteer are not mutually exclusive. This is because there are many Tzu Chi volunteers that provide additional support to Huang and his family by watching or baby-sitting their son.

After Huang’s mother started volunteering with Tzu Chi, Huang and his wife were inspired to give back and now joyfully volunteer at Tzu Chi as well. As the whole family demonstrates Tzu Chi’s humanistic principles, Huang’s son can begin to learn to help others at a young age.

From March 29 to March 31, Huang participated in classes focusing on the integration of Western and Eastern medical practices. The whole family sat together as they attended the forum. During break times, they took a stroll around the Tzu Chi USA San Dimas campus.

“Boston is still very cold. My son has not gone outdoors for a while. Here in California, it is warm and has a large lawn for him to run around, so he’s super happy,” Huang said.

Since joining the Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (Tzu Ching Club) in Boston College when he was 18, Huang has volunteered at Tzu Chi for more than 20 years. Following his graduation, he continues to stay active in his college community by mentoring college students and providing Tzu Ching Club members with a tour of the United States in the Youth Assembly at the United Nations.  

Huang was not planning to get married and instead vowed to dedicate his life to helping others through a medical career.  Despite being focused on his career, Huang’s path diverted towards a different route, as life is often filled with unexpected moments. Huang met his wife Xu-Ching Huang at a Tzu Ching activity and found commonality in a shared importance of doing good deeds to help others.  The couple married in 2016 and gave birth to their son, Zi-Ching Huang.

Getting married and having a baby did not hinder Huang’s steps to becoming a volunteer. He took over the duty of visiting the poor and the sick and organized a Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Fair.  

Huang felt most grateful to his wife’s support and his mother’s strong backing. When he conducts home visits each weekend, his mother and wife take their son to the Tzu Chi Jing Si Bookstore. Volunteers at the bookstore are always willing and eager to spend time with the baby boy, while Huang’s mother and wife work at the bookstore. Every member of the family are Tzu Chi volunteers.

Xu-Ching said that her husband takes good care of his family and balances his time well. He sets a good example for his son by volunteering, and helps with chores around the house like washing dishes or changing diapers. “My husband is very good, he only volunteers at Tzu Chi during weekends,” she explained.

To support her husband, Xu-Ching takes the baby to Boston Tzu Chi Jing Si Bookstore.  She reads inspiring stories of Master Cheng Yen to the baby; stories like how Master established the Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and led volunteers to accomplish many great deeds.

“I want my son to feel that the Tzu Chi campus is a very interesting place where he can safely play with big brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts,” Xu-Ching said.

Since spending time at the campus, Xu-Ching feels that her son has grown in maturity and developed good values. He is not as dependent on her as before and listens better to her words. “If I tell him to help pick up an item, he will do it right away,” she explained. Huang also advises young people who just started a family to not worry about not being able to volunteer at Tzu Chi. If they bring their children to Tzu Chi offices, they can accommodate both charity and family in their lives.