Tzu Chi Medical Outreach in Mexico: Improving the Quality of Life for Over 3,700 Residents

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation  |  September 4, 2019

AuthorNatasha Palance
Editor: Anik Ghose
Photos by Denis Lee, Jaime Puerta

Our relief team was back in Mexico with TIMA medical professionals for an incredibly impactful medical outreach mission from August 22nd through August 27th in underprivileged communities including Tlaquiltenango and Mexico City. 3,768 patients received life-changing medical care throughout the mission. 

Treatments included Western/Eastern medical practices, like dental, pharmaceutical, pain management, vision, acupuncture, lab work, women’s health, chiropractic, pediatric, and other services. Haircuts and health education were also given to ensure a well-rounded quality of life for recipients. 

This mission alone, a grand total of 4,569 medical services were provided to vulnerable communities throughout the country – making an up-to-date total of 19,803 services since 2017!


See the power of compassion during the first day of the mission.

After arriving in Jojulta on August 22nd, the next day our team journeyed to La Plaza Centro in Tlaquiltenango, an underprivileged municipality of Morelos, to conduct the first two days of the mission between August 23rd – 24th. Many residents struggle with access to equitable healthcare in this region, so it means the world to us to see the direct impact of our compassion on individuals within the community. 

A Health Fair helped to spread knowledge of good, healthy habits, and a TIMA Tea Party brought the community together to celebrate universal love. Subsequently, our medical outreach provided 1,560 residents with 2,407 quality medical services.

 Take a look at meaningful moments from our second day on the ground

Mexico City

We travelled to the Church of Santa Cruz in Acalpixca, a borough of Mexico City, to conduct the final two days of the outreach mission from August 25th – 26th. TIMA volunteers joined hands with local volunteers to facilitate an educational Health Fair in promotion of communal well-being. A celebratory TIMA Tea Party followed-suit to unite those in need within the community. Throughout the final two days of the mission, 2,638 residents received 2,162 life-changing medical services.

After an incredible five days transforming lives around the country, a closing ceremony was held in honor of local volunteers and the TIMA team who helped to make the mission possible. The success of the mission is reflected in the continued resilience and strength of these Mexico communities. 

Discover how lives were transformed throughout the last two days of the mission