Happy 30th Anniversary to Tzu Chi USA

TIMA  |  March 31, 2019

Author: Julienne Chi

A feast of the most popular Taiwanese snacks was offered prior to the anniversary celebration held at the Central Plaza of the San Dimas campus. There, attendees wound through the crowd checking out the wide array of food and dessert.

“It smells like heaven out there,” a media volunteer exclaimed, pointing to the Taiwanese food stalls lined up outside the window.

Those familiar with Taiwanese food relied on their sense of smell in order to lead them to the food they’ve been longing for.  After their tummies had their fill of the delicious food, attendees made their way to the central plaza, where small tables and chairs were lined up in front of an outdoor stage.

The celebration kicked off with a dramatic lion dance performance by both the Central and West LA Tzu Shao.  Several special guests were present including San Dimas Mayor Curtis Morris, Wendy Chen Epstein, Finance and Human Resources Manager of Food Forward, Alta Skinner, Secretary of Mt. SAC Foundation and Board of Director of La Verne-San Dimas Education Foundation, as well as many other partners and sponsors.  

Mayor Morris has enjoyed the city’s partnership with Tzu Chi USA and is so grateful for the preservation of this campus, for which he considers a precious oasis within the Los Angeles County.  

Ms. Epstein cherishes the support Tzu Chi brothers and sisters provided her family when her mother passed away back in 2012.  So, when Tzu Chi inquired about supplying produce for their food pantry program, Ms. Epstein did not hesitate to say yes.

Ms. Skinner, was likewise thankful for Tzu Chi’s support in the Bonita Unified School District and commended the fleet of volunteers that keeps the organization going strong, calling for others to join in Tzu Chi’s efforts.

There were so many moving moments that occurred during the celebration, from the inspiring and humorous speech on the history of Tzu Chi USA from Stephen Huang, Executive Director of Global Volunteers, to the touching skit performed by volunteers depicting the turmoil endured during disasters, as well as to the peaceful candlelight prayer realized by all for peace and harmony.  

Happy 30th anniversary to Tzu Chi USA! May we strengthen our resolve and forge on for another 30 more years. We invite all to join Tzu Chi’s missions to better this world.