A Letter from Our CEO

TIMA  |  March 17, 2020


This has been a challenging week for all of our friends, families, and colleagues amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Needless to say, it has impacted all of our lives personally and professionally. The current outlook is that this pandemic will continue to affect us in the coming weeks and I want to take this opportunity to reach out to our patients, staff, and volunteers.

I have spoken to many of you over the past several days and there is no shortage of questions surrounding what may happen and how the current situation may impact our daily lives in the long run. While many future events depend on factors that are beyond our control at this time, we must do our best to manage those aspects that can help us stay healthy and safe.

At our clinics, we are addressing challenges as they arise and are doing our best to keep them open to serve patients in need. We are mindful of those that may visit one of our three locations and are taking precautionary measures to protect those that visit them.

  • We have set up an internal emergency response team to monitor the local pandemic situation which will take swift, decisive actions as warranted.

  • We have implemented additional and rigorous cleaning procedures to ensure surfaces that our patients and staff may come in contact with, are cleaned more frequently and are sanitized with cleaning solutions that are effective against COVID-19. We have also installed several hand sanitizer dispensers in all of our clinics.

  • When patients call to book an appointment, specific prescreening questions are asked so that we can better direct potential COVID-19 patients to institutions that are equipped to diagnose and treat them. Upon arrival, all patients are re-screened and hand washing is required. We have also requested that only patients attend the appointment.

In order to provide service to as many patients as safely as possible, we ask those that visit to bring their own face masks to wear and to attend the appointment by themselves. These measures will help us conserve the very limited amount of supplies that we have and to protect our families and keep our community safe.

Our patients, staff, and volunteers’ health and safety are our utmost priority. In these challenging times, we ask that you keep informed of the latest developments from official sources. Please refer to the CDC Website which provides COVID-19 specific information on how to protect yourself and if you are experiencing symptoms.

I also offer our most sincere sympathy to those impacted by COVID-19.

Please continue to visit our website for the latest developments and we thank you for working with us towards a healthy community.


William Keh, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation




  • 我們已成立了應變小組,監控疫情發展,並根據需要採取迅速、果斷的行動。

  • 我們實施了額外且嚴謹的防疫措施,頻繁的清潔多人接觸的區域,並使用有效抵抗新冠病毒的清潔劑進行消毒。另外,我們也在診所中安裝了洗手液,供大家使用。

  • 我們要求所有患者預約看診,當患者來電預約門診時,我們會詢問預防篩檢問題,以便及時將潛在新冠病毒患者,轉診至有能力診斷和治療的醫療機構。此外,當患者抵達診所後,也會要求量體溫,洗手。

  • 為了能在安全的環境中為更多的患者提供服務,我們要求所有患者需自備口罩並戴上,患者單獨進診看病,家屬不陪伴進入。這些措施將幫助我們節省非常匱乏的醫療資源。

患者、志工和同仁的健康與安全,是我們的首要考量。在這充滿挑戰及疫情嚴峻的時刻,也特別呼籲大家從官方管道了解疫情最新動態,參考美國疾病控制與預防中心 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC)的網站,它提供了新冠狀病毒的最新資訊, 如果您有任何可疑症狀,它也介紹如何就診訊息,。